What to do on kalymnos

Melitsahas beach

Kalymnos is a unique Greek island that's offers its visitors an authentic visit. On kalymnos you will find unspoilt beaches, stunning views, and fresh food of the highest quality. 

There plenty to do on Kalymnos and on this pages I have details some places to visit and activities that you can to do.

Then there is the option of simply doing nothing but relax. 



The island of sponge divers

Natural sea sponges of kalymnos

It's essential that any visit to Kalymnos has to include a visit to one of the sponge merchants in Pothia. Here you will learn that the trade in sponges was known as Kalymian gold and brought wealth to the island. 

Any visit to Kalymnos will for sure involve the purchase of a kalymnian sponge.



Places of interest and feast days.

Archaeological museum - pothia


Maritime and Folklore museum 

Museum of marine life and sea finding of valsamidis

Traditional Kalymnian house 

Archaeological museum 



Castle of chora

Castle of Chrysocheria

Kastelli fortress 



Monastery of St Panteleimon

Agios Savvas



June 24th - Feast of St Ioannis - the night of the fires. 

July 27th - The celebration of the local saint Panteleimon

August 15th - The feast of the Holy Virgin.